We are living in times of permanent instability and threats.
Innovation is much more than a way to develop competitive advantage: it’s the fundamental strategic capability to ensure a company’s survival and its long-term success.

Key innovations allow the company to change, meeting the changes of market. Such innovations can concern the whole business model or single products and services, distribution and relationship systems, processes, technologies…

But innovation is not enough. In order to gain durable advantage you have to manage cultural change, involving company people and distribution network.
INNOVATION TEAM pursues the mission of helping companies in the services industry to innovate and change their business through market research, strategic advice and management coaching.

Who we are

Who we are

We are a team of business consultants and research specialists with a long and unique experience in the service sector.

We support companies with strategic positioning, competitive monitoring, research for innovation. 

Our background is focused on service industry, distribution networks, insurance and financial products and economics; it is based on several business development projects for banks, insurance companies, financial intermediaries, new service providers.

INNOVATION TEAM is a firm of the MBS Consulting Group.

Our offer

Strategic advice, business models
Management counseling
Market intelligence


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Contact us

Innovation Team – Piazza Ercluea, 11 – 20122 – Milano

Phone: +39 02 89096061

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